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Email Marketing

How do you reach all those eager customers who want to know more about your awesome offer?

Following on with our 2023 series – let’s have a bit of a look at outreach.

To start with, email marketing and its bigger cousin, electronic direct mail (EDM) – are proven ways of getting yourself in front of potential customers.

Yes, they sound similar - no, they are not the same.

They both use emails to build a list and grow conversions but EDM adds another piece to the puzzle.

Email marketing is precisely that – emails sent through a third-party provider to convert some of the recipients into customers

Send email – measure performance – action client engagements – build & segment list - Rinse/Repeat

Your EDM campaign is the next step, a bigger beast, with more moving parts, additional complexity, and multiple channels.

A full-strength EDM campaign starts with e-blasts, then follows through - retargeting ads to capture those that have seen the email, a social media campaign built specifically for the campaign, and possibly billboards or printed ads in traditional media.

Send email – set autoresponders – serve retarget ads/print ads/direct to SM campaign - measure performance – action client engagements – build & segment list - Rinse/Repeat

The benefit of this approach – you increase the number of touchpoints you have with potential clients and therefore increase the chances of a sale – read about the cool Marketing Rule of 7 with Andrea Stenberg.

I understand that they both sound a bit technical, but they are relatively simple to set up – reach me here to discuss your strategies.

There are 7 steps in building your EDM, and we will dive into them in the rest of this series.

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