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Head of Strategy
Kelby Williams
Principal Consultant


We’re Adaptique, and we can’t wait to start working together to help your business adapt to our rapidly changing world. Your vision is important to us - and we’re ready to map out the needs of your business and provide the necessary tools to achieve a successful future by delivering services that transform the way you do business.

Contact us today to start adapting.

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Our Story

We have worked in business finance, hospitality and SME consulting for over 30 years, both in the corporate space and as business owners. We bring an outcome-focussed approach, devising real-world solutions that you can implement now.

During that time we have helped people in a wide range of industries, from agriculture to construction, retailers, importers, manufacturers, legal and medical professionals, and their staff.

Adaptique provides an outside view of your business - examining everything from cashflow drivers to marketing, logistics to employee satisfaction, and then structure solutions to help you succeed.

We love helping businesses grow, and are passionate advocates for innovation in SME to combat the big end of town, strengthening small business in Australia, tapping into our laid-back entrepreneurial spirit and building the heart of our communities.

Are you ready to set your business on the path to success? Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

Business strategy

We’re Adaptique, contact us now to start mapping out a bespoke plan for your success.

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