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Very informative session with Kelby.
I received good direction and advice on my next steps to start my business.


Kelby was very helpful. He was highly focused and we covered a lot of ground in a short space of time. A very productive hour!


Kelby was such a delight to toss around ideas with...very supportive of this program and have recommended it to others I know in small business...


I already have recommended to others.
Top notch, very impressed.


The information obtained was excellent, the presenters were amazing and my 2 sessions with Kelby were fantastic - I do believe more one-to-one sessions specific for the business would be more useful and effective based on the stage the business is in.


Kelby as knowledgeable, and helpful and straight to the point. He saw where we needed support and provided clear advice on how to broach the gap.


I Highly Recommend Kelby Williams! It was a highly Insightful meeting & a great follow-up. He has given me some helpful tools to use for Budgeting and we had a great connection! Thanks Kelby ☺


Kelby was extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand how to best set up my financials to track and analyse sales, volumes and margins.  I made a huge difference!


Fantastic advisor. Really lucky to have been put in touch with Kelby.


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