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New Financial Year - New You!!!!!!

Yeah I know, you are worried about 30 June, tax planning, etc etc etc.

You need to lift your head a little and look at the next Finacial Year!

What do you want to acheive over that year?

Yes, I know - MEGA PROFITS !!!!!

But first, we need to have "the talk".

Tell me about your Cost Base.

Do you have a firm understanding of what it REALLY costs you to deliver your awesome solution to your clients, and when those costs must be paid?

Map out your fixed costs, allow for known increases in items such as rent, then look at your cost of production.

Are there wage increases coming up?

Remember that your employee’s Superannuation rate goes up to 11.50%, so include that in your planning.

Don’t forget to allow for YOUR wage and superannuation.

Alright got that done.

Now we know how much revenue we need to generate to keep the doors open!

YAY !!!

If you are operating on the basis of “I just get to keep what’s left over at the end of the week”, we need to talk.


Seriously, call me.

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