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Numbers are boring, right? Say hello to my little friend ROI

Let’s get unboring 😊

Return on investment.

It's one of the key numbers that matters.

It’s what drives everything we do in business, right?

So how do you measure it? Do you measure it?

I had this chat with a colleague the other day in relation to his clients in the online marketing game.

His team builds and delivers strategies to increase web traffic, more and better leads.

And he is very good at it. For a price. Which is how the conversation started, how do his clients measure the ROI from their investment in his team’s skills?

His answer – as far as he knows they don’t.

Oh ☹

I built him a simple spreadsheet for his clients to use so they can track just how effective he is, and as a cool side-effect get a deeper understanding of their business drivers. Took 10 minutes, popped his logo onto it, cost him nothing, adds a nice bit of value for his clients.

Think about what you do in your business - where are you investing time and money, and what is the return on those investments?

You should measure it, aiming to get the best outcome from the use of those scarce resources.

Make it happen, and don't forget - if you want to get powering along in 2023 reach out to us via DM or email us at

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