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So, you want more customers.........

Previously on Adaptique the Blog, we dived into your Marketing Plan...

Now for the framework: OAMC and AIDA

Who doesn’t love a good acronym 😊

Now, there lots of voluminous texts on this subject, so I’ll try to distill some key points for you to research and implement 😊

Don’t forget that you are allowed to run multiple campaigns for different product lines/solutions.


First things first:


You need to define OAMC for your business.

Offer – What is it you actually do?

What is/are the solution/s you offer for your client’s problem?

You need to be clear about the details – what makes you the solution to their problem.  This clarity helps you avoid attracting people who are not your ideal client, and puts you front and centre with those who are – which is whole point of the campaign.

Audience – who are your customers?

Demographics?  Got some ABS data to help refine that targeting?

Look at your customer base – who are you profitable clients (you have this data from earlier exercises 😊 ). While you are at it, get hold of the ABS data for your region and markets – what does it tell you about where your ideal client lives?

Message – How are you communicating your awesome solution?

AIDA is your framework 😊

When you are crafting your copy do it with purpose and clarity.

Are you trying to establish authority, extolling the virtues of a new product, reinforcing a tried and true solution? Each has it’s own flavour and audience, so be specific with your approach.

Mixing your message is a sure-fire kiss of death.


Channel – where are you spreading the good words?

See Audience above to get a sense of where and how you can get in front of your clients

Please remember that despite the many platforms available to us, digital is not the only medium.

Not everyone can be reached through their phone – you might need to (shock, horror) put something physical in their letterbox.


And on the topic of message, ideally your message should get people’s attention, hold their interest, create desire and obtain action

Oh look, it's AIDA!!!!!!!

Which is a cool

segue into our next post…………


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