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YAY it’s almost TAX TIME! So let's not talk about tax.

Let’s start planning your next magnificent 12 months instead 😊


Because by now you should have a solid picture of what your 22/23 results are going to be. A few tweaks here, some input from your accountant there, and your returns are set. Lodge away.

The big question is – what do want them to look like next year, and how are we going to get there?

Now we revisit the cashflow budget and marketing plans we wrote in December (you know them, the ones you check each week or so), reset our revenue goals, review our expenses, build capacity as needed, and then just roll them out for another 12 months.

Make the magic happen.

Sounds easy.

It is simple, but not necessarily easy. It takes focus, a real understanding of your business environment, and absolute commitment to execution, review, and improvement.

Firstly, let’s think about the importance of an effective cashflow strategy. It seems obvious - you need to fund your operation, so here are three elements:

1. Timing of sales vs receipt of the money. Accounts receivable management is a major issue for small business, you need a consistent collection strategy to ensure you get what you have earned when it is due.

2. Build cash reserves for business stability. You not only need to fund your growth, you need a buffer to handle unexpected shocks to your well-oiled business machine.

3. Pricing. Do not underestimate how beneficial a pricing review can be.

And have a schedule for reviewing and adjusting your cashflow.

At Adaptique we do this with our clients every month – looking at what worked, what we control, and where we are going.

To take advantage of that – drop into our website and book some time with us.

In the next article we will dive back into some marketing strategy, so don’t go away 😊

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