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Email Marketing - Step 1: Choose an email service provider

To do this effectively you need to move away from a spreadsheet and invest in an email marketing platform – you will need and use tools such as list segmentation, autoresponders, automated workflows, and analytics. These alone will pay for the investment (hello ROI).

There is an absolute plethora of platforms – for example Mailchimp, HubSpot, Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor, and ActiveCampaign. Already using one? Cool, go to step 2! Otherwise, find an email platform that works for you – there are free trials, freemium versions, and low-cost options, all the way up to the works burgers requiring investments of $’000 per month.

As with all the software I look at – map out the features and tools you need, then find the platform which gives you that with a user interface you relate to, and at a price that makes sense. Easy 😊

Whichever one you pick – make sure it gives you the ability to segment your list and send automated email campaigns based on your triggers.

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