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Email Marketing - Step 2: Build your list

Your list is the key to your success. Make sure the names and addresses on your database are legitimate, and that you are consistently cleansing your list – your platform should help with this.

Pro Tip – Only have one list! All those contacts you have in your email accounts, your e-comm website, the CRM you put in place, and the spreadsheet you had been using – consolidate them. Now!

But, what if you don’t have a list? Or it’s just a little list?

You do the same thing you will do when you have a big list!!!!!!!

Run hard with your list-building plans.

There are heaps of tools you can use to convert visitors to your website into subscribers to your email content.

The standard play: Lead magnets – Free e-books, a 30-day trial of your SUPERB solution, polls, quizzes, discount codes – these are proven sign-up tactics.

But be clever: Provide more than one place to sign up on your site – implement floating action buttons, and embed forms on multiple pages. Make it easy and obvious.

Play smart: Have a lead capture page – Send your prospects to a page dedicated to the specific reason they clicked. Don’t just dump them into your home page and expect them to work it out.

Also: IRL – Old school has its place. Use your physical presence to get people’s emails into your database – your B&M store, markets, and networking events. Use the opportunity for outreach.

OK, so now you are rocking and rolling along with some names and addresses. Let’s stay effective, here are some key practices to adopt:

Focused targeting – Be crystal clear about who your audience is and structure the message accordingly. I don’t target Fortune 500 companies – they are not my ideal client.

Be smart with the triggers – Layer your capture forms, do they trigger by scrolling, exit, or inactivity? Do you really want them to pop up in your face instantly?

Be as personal as possible – A personal experience will resonate much more than something generic. Get all the data you can on your audience by using tools such as dropdown menus and radio buttons.

Cut back on the CTA – Less is more, you don’t need three to a page 😊 avoid the overwhelm and get more conversions.

Be clear be simple – Keep your forms as short and simple as possible, just get the minimum you need, and be VERY clear about why you need it and what you are going to do with it.

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