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Email Marketing - Step 4: Build your Campaign

Time to show us what you’ve got! Every platform has its own way of doing this, but there are some non-negotiable elements that are platform-agnostic:

No jargon – Please use language your subscribers can relate to. Keep it as simple as possible.

Use visuals for POP! – Images are a great way to break up big blocks of text and can convey just as much info.

You need a hook (a catchy subject line) – This is THE most important part, it will determine whether or not people read your email.

Stay on brand – I cannot overemphasise this. Be consistent in your email design, voice, and frequency.

Don’t get half-smart with unsubscribe – Anti-spam laws are no joke, so be sure to have a visible unsubscribe button or link in the footer.

Not sure how to get started? Try some of these ideas to kick-start your creative process:

  • Introduction/relaunch of your brand and awesome solution

  • New arrivals / Product launches

  • “We miss you” emails to customers who haven’t bought for some time

  • Seasonal discounts/Holiday specials

  • Re-orders / Back-in stock notifications

  • Industry news

  • Staff updates

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