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Coach? You have a Business Coach? What’s wrong with you?!?!?!

Business coaches. Consultants. Advisors.

Call them what you like, it seems they are everywhere. But do you really need one?

I was talking about this with a good mate of mine, the MD of a reasonable-sized SME which is growing at a rapid rate. We were looking at it from the point of view that all high-performance teams have a coach, so why don’t you?

If you look at what those coaches do it’s not so much about specific skill training but actual strategy and tactics. Look at the NRL as an example – Bellamy, Robinson, Bennett et al don’t teach players how to run, tackle, or kick.

They (and their team of specialists) build the game plan. For this weekend and the season.

Based on years of experience across all conditions and all opposition.

Look at the draw for the season, who do they play when, what rep games are coming up and when, who do they have in their squad who might get called up, what will they do if/when someone is out, and then map a plan for the season.

They watch an absolute tonne of video of the opposition in action.

Break down the opposition’s weaknesses they can exploit, look at the resources they have that week and how to best utilise them, and then map the plan for next weekend’s game.

The variables are almost endless, and the plan is tweaked every day.

And they do this because the players have enough to do already.

Hmmm. Interesting.

So if we apply this theory to your business – why don’t you have a coach?

Someone who looks at your business with you, helps you build a plan for your future, using the resources you have available to achieve the goals you have set, and works with you to get the things that matter to you.

Not a cookie-cutter “pick a program from the shelf” approach, but someone who brings their expertise to bear on the bits that need fixing, helps you build a plan you can execute, and works with you to execute that plan as it evolves.

Yes, you will have to invest some money. And some time.

This is where you decide if you want to work in the business, or on the business. For some of us, do we want to move from self-employed to business owner?

Do you want to have the business and life you deserve? Are you ready to play a bigger game?

Reach out to us via DM, let’s work together to deliver on the potential your business has.

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