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How small do you have to be to avoid the upcoming climate risk reporting regime?

Last week I had the privilege to attend an industry breakfast, hosted by Ai Group, which looked at Industry 4.0 and sustainable manufacturing. In particular, it dived into the Federal Government's plan to mandate climate risk disclosure by large listed entities and large financial institutions.

"So what" I hear you say, "I'm just a little business".

Sure, fair point. However, as Brett Spicer from BDO pointed out in his presentation, if you supply to one of these entities they will need your carbon footprint data to meet their reporting requirements. So you don't get off that easily.

One of the keys to managing this will be automating as much of your data collection as possible, and understanding how you can minimise your GHG production, or remove the need to measure data by taking assets off your balance sheet.

We have helped businesses who have developed systems that automate this data collection task, so reach out to us at to discuss how we can assist


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