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New stuff? What, more new stuff?!!?!?


Hey, just checking in from day 2 at DMA 2023 at the Gold Coast.

What’s DMA 2023 I hear you ask. Well, maybe one of you asked…..

Digital Marketers Australia, a 2-day conference covering all things new in the digital marketing world, SEO, webinars, AI, EDM, LinkedIn, growth hacking, content marketing…….

Yep, info overload.

A lot of the content is high-level, but what is very cool is that I have picked up a few new tools and tactics for my clients, particularly for the ones who run webinars and cold EDM campaigns.

The other big thing here is that this is not only a conference for those who provide digital marketing services on a B2B basis, it is a good knowledge & skills boost for your internal marketing staff.

Even if they are not pure digital – there is so much here that

I can translate into effective action for clients across a mix of marketing channels.

Really looking forward to the last few sessions, and then getting back out into the jungle and putting it all into play.

Cheers, K.

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