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Niches - buzzword or legit tactic?



Dante St James' post the other day got me pondering, and then Rhonwyn Learner put in her $0.05 worth.

So stay with me for a minute, as this is a bit of a thought bubble.

Is it just a cute way of saying "I have a specific marketing campaign for a particular product which targets a subset of my ideal clients"?

My worry is that if we "niche down" as a strategy in and of itself, we actually give away revenue from our standard suite of solutions to our competitors.

As a generalist advisor there are times when I must be absolutely specific about the offering I have for clients, particularly when I am simply part of a larger project for a colleague.


At no stage do I abandon all the other solutions we have for our awesome clients, as they all add to the cashflow.

On the other hand....... do we get too caught up in jargon? Is niching an easy, low-embarrassment way to explain why we dumped low-margin offerings, or stopped doing stuff we really weren't that good at?

Your thoughts?

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